Statures of society


King’s (Queen’s) Day // Amsterdam, Holland

The streets are lined with spreads of unwanted goods, vendors selling kebobs and pot dessert items, and jobless gypsies pitching games of luck for a buck. The techno soundtrack never fades too much as random DJs are dispersed every couple of blocks. Smells of cigarettes yet to be smoked. 
King’s Day Festivities  he
streets are lined with

PictureHungarian poet Jozsef Attila near the Parliment // Budapest, Hungry

Around each corner, a message left by the transitory reigning authority and the subsequent vigor and life contra.
History of Budapest


Helsinki Central Railway Station // Finland

A dystopian illusion: drying rugs lying on wooden beams listlessly catching wisps of the bay’s wind. Traces of human life, dark hollow windows match the hollowed eyes of the city.
Midsummer Holiday

PictureTraditional life // Miranda do Duro, Portugal


The sky: lilac, a rosemary scent from the passing fields.  Rows of lush olive trees, a donkey grazing on overgrown shrubs in a peach orchard.
Miranda do Duro History

PictureSt. Petersburg Russia


An underlying melancholy, hint of paranoia. Birds move methodically taking their positions. Air uplifting the waters weight beneath the minimal white light.
St. Petersburg Statue Guide


Theater master Henrik Ibsen outside the National Theater // Bergen, Norway

Sun setting beneath the ocean’s soft cape at midnight to the echoing sounds of heavy metal racketeering.
History of Bergen 

PictureSafed, Israel

An oversize fur cube glides atop a crowd of yamakas and shrunken black hats. Heels on cobblestone, flags whipping the dusty air as it encloses bright ribbons of color.  
Safed, Israel History
The many hats of Judiasm