mind your ps & qs

collected photography and quotes

Sotres, Spain
Sotres, Spain
Picos de Europa
Eduardo Avaroa National Park
Look, ma! No arms. Sucre, Bolivia
Look, ma! No arms. Sucre, Bolivia
cutitout Istanbul, Turkey

If you think daylight is just daylight, then it’s just daylight.

Mary Oliver
Cuban Blues, Havana
Cuban nights
Cuban nights Havana

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Cuban nights Havana
Cuban nights Havana
Somewhere inside Chile’s Lake District (If you miss your ferry and your car is on it, you can only hope you’ll get this lucky.)

Passion is easier to experience before it has been explained:

The perilous adventure, the misgivings, the diverting little hesitancies, the wrong turns, the false starts, the glorious insecurity.

The Messenger, Mongolia
Somewhere in Western Mongolia
Somewhere in Southern Bolivia
Somewhere in Nevada
Somewhere in Hokkaido
Somewhere near Seaview, Washington
My happy place.
Sunset at Haleakala before a full moon rises
 Mt Denali summer
Mt Denali on a clear summer day
Fall in Aspen
Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin