Oh Porto


Porto Roofline at Sunset, 2010

PictureLourdes Castro Original

It’s like a dream. No, better. Porto is separated by the Douro River, that is made all the more splendid by its six bridges. At the base of the Dom Luis I Bridge near the Sandeman Port Distillery, colorful women dressed in traditional Portugeuse dress dance through a specialty market offering olive oil, wine, port, cheese, bollo pastries, boudain-like sausages. Inside the Sandeman Distillery, groups of tourists tour and hear the story of how an Englishman conquered the port industry two hundred years ago. After paying penance and completing the routine tour, everyone eagerly tastes the sherry and tawny. Too sweet for my taste, I prefer the dark red wine and salty olives of the Portuguese in the gardens of the Serralves. 

During the Serralves em Festa, the Parque de Serralves are filled with art of all traditions- artists, musicians, and contemporary art demonstrations span the grounds. Giant plush Royal thrones sit patiently in the middle of a field. Women untangle from the limbs of a tree, their silky dress flutters in the breeze. Photographers appear out of nowhere with wide lenses, snapping up the beauty from all angles. The soundtrack of a live jazz chantress with an orchestra accentuates the fluctuating smells of minty herbs, geraniums, and mossy leaves. Artist hang their crafts, their flamboyant colors mosaicly broadcast amongst the dark greens of the forest. We relax in between the gentle foliage facing a quartet of jazz musicians that emit lazy Spanish beachcombing tunes ideal for cracking that first cerveza of a hot summer’s evening. 

Afterwards, we meander over to pop into the Museu de Arte Contemporanea, which reveals characteristic portrait of Porto’s contemporary art timeline. An exhibit on ‘Teatro Sombras’, or shadow theatre, by Lourdes Castro is colorful, sexy, mysterious yet all-telling. A women’s outline lit in the doorway by the light of the moon. On the screen, an unidentified body moves through the shadows, much like the alleyways of Porto.

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Speedy boat trip under the six bridges and almost to the ocean, quick and beautiful.

Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves
Rua D. João de Castro, 210
4150-417 Porto
Show on MapTel: +351226156500 
Web: www.serralves.pt

Lourdes Castro
Portuguese Artist
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