Chilean Thorns

Standing on the top of the Santa Lucia hill in Santiago, the peaks of the Andes glisten against the steel of the city and, as nature typically does, provide reassurance of an escape. There are several locations in the world in which you can get away in a flash to wineries, mountain ranges, water rafting, the beach in under a few hours. There are also several places in the world where an avocado dispenser is a typical condiment option. Santiago is an ideal place for the cultured with restless leg syndrome- unlimited outdoor adventures, wine and history to pursue.

Sidetrip to the Mountains:
60km into the mountains Cascada de las Animas Ecoresort and Nature Sanctuary sits on the Maipo River and has access to extensive trails. On a 2 hour easy hike, we came across cacti, snow, several birds of prey, and the namesake waterfall. Individual Cabins available. Bike ride, hike, zipline, whitewater raft,then eat homemade dishes on the porch at La Tribu restaurant.

If you go: 
A Few of the Vineyards 
Cocha Y Toro, right south of Santiago
towards the ocean
Indomita Vineyards (1.40 from Santiago)
Veramonte Vineyards

Santiago Lodging
Great location but beware of drunk Aussies at La Casa Roja Hostel