Author: elysekent

Volcanic Ash

Garbageville and waffles in Brussels , 2010 In March of 2010, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in Iceland leaving millions of travelers stranded across the world. I happened to be in a fairytale land known as Luxembourg at the time with a friend visiting from the United States. The next snipet is how I found myself in the squalor […]


Canals of St. Petersburg, 2012 Lenin commanding, 2012 Square. Harsh. Bleak. Dark. A quickness hoarding resent. Passing facade after facade, lifeless windows. Dilapidation of all we pass. The water even moves forcefully, violently against the boats, against itself. Each wave thrashing without repetition or order. The sky barring down upon the city and its inhabitants. We […]


Vatnajökull 2014, Located further south, the thawing icecap’s mass totaled 8% of the country and lead to Dentifoss’s powerful rate of cascading 3,059,436 gallons of water per second. The world anthem for indie soulful wanderlusters is the same in every country – a combination of folksy rock whose singer bellows with a heart heavy of […]


Cathedral Nueva, 2010 Tumbling throughout, 2010 Salamanca is a university town that is filled solely with senior citizens and tourists during the summer. This transient population tends to linger mostly around Rua Mayor, dining at expensive, subpar restaurants in Plaza Mayor.   The feeling I take away from this architectural gem is that it has been […]